Somacultural Liberation: An Indigenous, Two-Spirit Somatic Guide to Integrating Cultural Experiences Toward Freedom

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Psychotherapist, activist, and artist Roger Kuhn, PhD (Poarch Creek), guides readers to scrutinize and gain insight into how bodily experiences are shaped by culture through Somacultural Liberation. Kuhn identifies as a mixed-race Native American, Two-Spirit person, boldly imparting traumatic experiences of childhood abuse and coming to terms with his proximity to the dominant culture, Indigeneity, and sexuality. The author locates his relationality to complex intersections of identity, sharing deeply personal pivotal moments of his life: from growing up in poverty to achieving academic and professional acclaim. Throughout the book, Kuhn models various self-awareness activities, mindfulness practices, and embodiment techniques to help readers achieve liberation from the confines of colonial mindsets and experiences.

As an Indigequeer therapist, Kuhn shares important lessons for readers interested in applying culturally relevant approaches to overcoming emotional and physical trauma. This book is a great read for healers, counselors, and healthcare workers eager to learn about the Indigenous worldview. As a non-Native, cisgender woman, l came away with a more nuanced understanding of the Indigenous experience from the LGBTQIA+ perspective. At times, Somacultural Liberation presents as an academic treatise explaining the author’s praxis of decolonizing sexuality. Kuhn is adept at switching tones to keep the book accessible, as he takes the time to explain concepts that may be unfamiliar to readers without a counseling background.

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Author Roger Kuhn
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher North Atlantic Books
Publish Date 06-Feb-2024
ISBN 9781623178826 Buy this Book
Issue January 2024
Category Self-Help