The Music of Trees

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Photographic artist Ryan J. Bush is spellbound by the magical spiritualism he finds in trees. Absorbed by the rhythm of the dancing leaves, fascinated by the entrancing gestures of the stems and branches, and awed by their stately endurance, he attempts to capture this magic through the camera. In this engaging folio collection of his photographs, he divides the illustrations by date into three sections of 48 plates titled Portraits, Memoria, and the more recent Multiple Visions. The multiple exposures taken for the Memoria series combine imagination with the true image, while the Multple Visions sections further delves into art and color. Composed by a photographer who looks for the play of light and shadow on textures and patterns, many of the images in the book are found to be quite beautiful and this aspect is eloquently displayed. The viewer can appreciate his ability to achieve wonderful visuals through the use of black and white photography. He takes full advantage of the tonal pallet between pure black and white to create images reflecting the essence of a tree, its branches, or its leaves. While the book may not appeal to everyone, there is mood and beauty reflected in its portrayals well worth the time for those who can appreciate them.

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Author Ryan J. Bush, Katherine Ware, Forward
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 108 pages
Publisher Beyond Editions
Publish Date 2018-Dec-05
ISBN 9780999393000 Buy this Book
Issue January 2019
Category Architecture & Photography


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