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The Sword of Telemon

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The Sword of Telemon by Murray Lee Eiland Jr is an epic tale that brilliantly opens the exciting The Orfeo Saga series, a tale that will allow readers to travel to a time often read alone in Greek methodology and a far, far away land of heroes. Just before the eruption of Thera around 1600, a shepherd boy left his little hamlet on a mission to search and bring back an older kinsman captured during a raid of his little hamlet, a brother who is destined to lead his people. He is teamed with a small group of warriors, but this isn’t just another simple mission for a small boy, not as simple as leading a herd of cattle back to shelter. It’s a story of trial that will allow the young man to mature as he faces dangerous enemies and himself.

Those who have read The Bart Northcote Series know Lee Eiland to be a gifted writer, highly imaginative and innovative in his style, but they will be surprised at how he brings to life heroes from a distant-past, a forgotten era. In The Sword of Telemon, the author introduces readers to insanely compelling characters — Telemon, the fearless warrior; Clarice, queen of disguises; Orfeo, a young boy forced to grow up by circumstances; Zurga an old wanderer, and many others. It is interesting to watch these characters as they create friendships, and as they evolve in times of conflict, but it is most interesting to watch the protagonist in his growth process, from a simple village boy to a responsible warrior, ready to lead his people.

Lee Eiland’s prose is seductively beautiful, evoking images and action that create a world readers will want to escape to. The plot moves very fast, the drama is powerful, and the conflict mounts pretty fast. The Sword of Telemon is a book that readers will undoubtedly discover to be an absorbing tale of bravery, love, and self-conquest, one to take a prominent place beside the tales of heroic characters.

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Murray Lee Eiland Jr
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235 pages
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April 2016
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I started life as a psychiatrist. It was fulfilling work. I came to understand human nature better, and I could help people. Along the way I became interested in Near Eastern art. I collected and wrote about rugs in particular. I always liked to write. Later in life, perhaps after gaining confidence in my abilities, I turned to novels. My passion were the ancient cultures of the eastern Mediterranean. This was a fascinating area that saw a range of cultures that we would in time identify as east and west. In the distant past things would have been much different. There were a wide range of different people, languages, and cultures in this zone. In the Orfeo Saga, I wanted to capture fragments of another world in another time. The characters are fictional. I hope the world I portray is more realistic. I also wanted to explore what makes a hero. Different cultures had different ways of expressing heroism, but in some ways I think it all boils dow n to the same thing. Leaders advance their world view using the skills they have. I hope I captured different kinds of leaders in my work.

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235 pages

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Murray Lee Eiland Jr




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April 2016

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“The Sword of Telemon”

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