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Tomorrow’s End is the first book in a series by author G. R. Morris. This book starts with some pretty basic science fiction themes and extrapolates out in some interesting and unexpected directions. Focusing mainly on two teenage main characters who come into their abilities in varying stages of reluctance, this novel follows Daren, a girl trapped in a horrible foster home, and Kevin, a boy trapped in a home with an abusive stepfather. Both characters become major players in an age old battle of light vs. dark. Mr. Morris also introduces a very interesting theory about free will and destiny in Kevin’s story arc, while also informing readers about alien technology that is running the world, as well as aliens who are impersonating and replacing humans.

Part one unfortunately begins with a few stumbles and has lines of banal text such as; “Some people believed love conquers all. And they were right. It had beaten him.” However, I would urge readers to keep reading past the initial pages and really discover the original ideas that Morris has integrated alongside traditional sci-fi staples. The dual story lines are not perfect, but they are handled well and have completely different styles and tones. I enjoyed Daren’s story line more because the audience was allowed to share her story and her experiences, we got to know her as a person. Kevin’s story seemed more like exposition. There was an entire three or four chapter section in the middle of the book devoted to explaining the philosophy behind the story. At one point the author seems to even make light of the length with this exchange; “Stop interrupting.” Robert yelled, “I have a whole speech going on here.” “Sorry, I’m beginning to get bored” Kevin laughed.

While Tomorrow’s End may not be the most entertaining novel I have read recently, it is one of the more thought provoking. In a genre that is already crowded with rehashes of ideas, it is truly remarkable to find a debut novel with something new and compelling to offer readers. I hope to see this creativity continue throughout the rest of the series.

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Author G.R. Morris
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 441 pages
Publisher Dark Light Publishing
Publish Date 1-Dec-15
ISBN 9780615852379 Buy this Book
Issue October 2015
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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