Evil in Technicolor

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Evil in Technicolor was inspired by a new kind of horror, an invincible and an on-going one, the COVID pandemic. During springtime and in less than two months, ten talented authors and fans of the horror genre united and each one created their own tale of horror and fright. Their stories are completely different, although they all share the same chilling atmosphere. It’s the same atmosphere that Hammer Horror Productions, the company that brought Frankenstein and Dracula to the big screen, has created and maintained for more that six decades.

A musician with a troubled past finds peace while visiting a haunted house with a graveyard on its grounds. He has had a rough life so far but the occupants of the house can help him even though they’ve been deceased for decades. A diver discovers something truly precious and deadly. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to bring it to the surface despite the warnings she receives. An artist finds himself somewhere between sanity and madness while trying to film a video based on his own life. A horror movie in production becomes a horror in real life when a scare goes terribly wrong and it reveals someone’s chilling secrets. Magic should be used and passed on wisely but one can never know someone’s true intentions. One of my favorite stories was the one where we get to read a fresh take on the monster created by Frankenstein.

Evil in Technicolor is an anthology of dark tales, a tribute to horror itself. From the classic tale of Dracula to ghosts, witches, mythological creatures, and paranormal entities, and from haunted houses to psychological scares, the ten uniquely written and adjusted to the present day stories show us what it’s like to be truly defenseless. The book will be published on October 1st, at the very start of the most frightening month of the year. The month when movies, TV series, books, and comics celebrate the terror, the gore, the mystery, the paranormal, the unexplained. The stories will give you the chills, make you laugh, and leave you feeling nostalgic.

So, get hold of a copy of Evil in Technicolor, wait until the night falls, turn off the lights, light a few candles, and embrace the dark…

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Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 372 pages
Publisher Vernacular Books
Publish Date 10/1/2020
ISBN 9781952283031
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Issue September 2020
Category Horror


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