The Right Of Way

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Graduating college with your MBA would lead some people to come out with the idea that the working world would be theirs for the taking. At least that is what Sierra thought. In The Right of Way by L.B. Lewis, the first in a modern trilogy, Sierra has her MBA and that is about it. She is short on cash, late on bills, looking for a real job, and trying to find a place to live in the near future due to having to vacate her student-only apartment. If that wasn’t enough, she is also reminded of this by her mother often and pestered with the question no single woman wants to hear: “When are you going to find someone and settle down?” When she is finally offered a job in Houston, she jumps on it. However, the longer she is in Texas doing what she is asked, the more she wonders if this is the place for her. An unfortunate incident that has her being transferred to San Francisco and ultimately let go sets Sierra right back at the beginning, looking for any job she can. Frustration runs high as cash and job opportunities run low. She is sure there is something out there for her and wonders if a leap of faith is what she needs.

L.B. Lewis has introduced us to the delightfully doomed character of Sierra in five-star novel The Right of Way, the first in a modern trilogy. Sierra’s character is very well written and easy to relate to for anyone who has been in her position. The other characters that she encounters are very true-to-life and make this novel not only believable but make Sierra someone you want to continue to read about and cheer on. Overall, Lewis has come up with the beginning of a series that will keep readers waiting for the next book. Well done.

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Author L.B. Lewis
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher L.B. Lewis
Publish Date 31-Jul-2016
ISBN 9780997892802 Buy this Book
Issue January 2017
Category Popular Fiction


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