The Sixth Man: A Memoir

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As someone who has been a Golden State Warriors fan since I can remember, I was so excited to pick up a copy of Andre Iguodala’s memoir, The Sixth Man. His expressions on the court have always made me chuckle because he is so animated, especially during bogus ref calls. I really enjoyed reading The Sixth Man and learning about Iguodala’s childhood in Springfield, Illinois. His story is uplifting and he seemed like a really great kid who was obedient and respectful of his mother and grandmother who raised him. I enjoyed looking at the pictures in the insert of the book. From Andre as a young boy still wanting to “grow into his ears” to his first pair of Jordans and finally to him winning the Championship with the Warriors, the pictures capture it all.

The part of the book I liked the least was when Andre would complain about being black and how hard it was. Although I sympathize with the fact that he felt uncomfortable in a room or stadium full of white folks, as a grown man I wanted to tell him to suck it up and that he is making millions of dollars to play a game he loves. No one is stopping him from having an opinion or feeling a certain way but to complain about it when he has so many blessings in his life, I felt, was a bit off-putting.

Overall, the book was very well written and I enjoyed Andre recapping his time that was spent with the Warriors. A great read for fans of basketball, particularly that of the Golden State Warriors.

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Author Andre Iguodala
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 256 pages
Publisher Blue Rider Press
Publish Date 2019-06-25
ISBN 9780525533986 Buy this Book
Issue August 2019
Category Sports & Outdoors


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